On the “White Collar” set with Matt

@WhiteCollarUSA was on the set of “White Collar” today!

Here are some Matt-related tweets by @WhiteCollarUSA today:
1. Matt responds to Hilarie saying he is “one the seven wonders of the world.” — Matt: (laughing) “Oh I don’t know if I can live up to that.”
2. Matt says he has a “white collar consultant” this season and can now pick a lock =)
3. Matt nicknamed his ankle bracelet “Candy.” The Season Two bracelet is named “Susie.”
4. Q: “Is there any part of you that wishes you were a smidgen less attractive?” Matt: (laughs) “You should see me before hair and makeup.”
5. Matt is answering journalist’s questions.
6. Matt says NY is a central character on White Collar.
7. Matt says as far as characters go on White Collar: “You can never take anything for face value”
8. Many of you have asked why Matt’s chair on set is his character name instead of his real name like the rest of the cast.
9. Answer: It was like that for season one and he didn’t want to “jinx it” and change it.
10. Ladies & Gentlemen, Matt Bomer has left the building. Back to filming!