Matt featured in Flaunt Magazine #110

Matt has an interview and new photo shoot (2 pages) in the upcoming issue of Flaunt Magazine.

FYI: If you’d like to order Flaunt Magazine #110 (the issue Matt is featured in) and cannot find this magazine locally, please send an email to Mary-Catherine ( to set up an order and let her know you were referred by Kelly from Matt Bomer The magazine is $8.95 + shipping and you can pay using a debit/credit card or by check. I just ordered mine today and should receive it this week. The more issues purchased this way, the more likely Matt will be featured again in the future.

  • DBN

    Ooh, nice!

  • Minmin


  • murry

    Matt very sexy!
    can’t wait Kelly post scans.

  • Rob

    I always think he can never top a current photo shoot then he does.

  • Cynthia

    what issue of Flaunt?? what month?? who is on the cover of the Flaunt Magazinewhich Matt appears in??? thanx!!

  • Minmin

    Thanks for the photos! Matthew looks great as always!!

  • Sab

    Hey Kelly, I know you’re waiting for ppl to buy this first, but will you be posting scans at some point?

  • @Cynthia: Colin Farrell is on the cover and it’s issue #110.

    @Sab: Yes, I’ll be posting scans soon. Just wanting to generate lots of interest first so more fans will decide to buy it. One day, I want Matt to have a huge photoshoot like Colin Farrell did in this issue. 😀

    In case you missed it, I posted a better peek here:

  • Amrita

    OMG!!! Matt looks like a Greek God come to Earth!!!