• murry

    I can vote every day at my company and my home.

  • Mary Beth

    I am so glad you posted this because that is what I did and I wasn’t sure it was right, now I know. GO WHITE COLLAR and Matt Bomer!

  • Marcela

    Thanks for posting the link, I’m voting every day. One thin though, in Favorite TV crime fighter, I think we have to write the name of the actor, not the character, don’t we?

  • Oops! Probably doesn’t matter, but I will change it. Thanks for catching that. 🙂

  • SaphireDee

    I plan to vote every day both on my work and home computer. It would be great for Matt and White Collar to get some recognition, the show is so underrated. I also vote for White Collar in the “other” categories for Favorite TV Drama & Favorite TV Crime Drama!! Not sure why they put such a great show only under the “obsession” category, I believe it also should be in those other categories, so it couldn’t hurt to add it in…and if WC gets enough votes it we could actually see it there for the final voting on November 5th!!

  • Rob

    voting many times a day…

  • kavya

    Voting everyday! I really hope white collar and Matt win!! If all of Matt’s fan keep on voting he’s sure to win!

  • SaphireDee

    Rob, can you vote more than once a day? I don’t know much about Twitter, but apparently if you post your vote on twitter and other twitter friends post it, it counts as votes. Anyone know how this works?

  • I contacted PeoplesChoice.com to ask them if Twitter votes still count if someone is not on the nominee list. I’ll let everyone know if and when I hear back from them. I’d hate to have us all vote on Twitter and realize later it doesn’t count.

  • SaphireDee

    Kelly here are the instructions to vote via twitter…for now at least we know we can nominate White Collar for “TV Obsession” until we hear news back from them

    http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominations/twitter.jspVOTING ON TWITTER:
    Tweeting your votes is easy! Choose the categories you’d like to vote for and follow the directions below. Retweets count as votes too, so encourage your followers to retweet to make sure your favorites become official nominees for 2011 People’s Choice Awards!