• Carol A

    I loved his speech. He looks gorgeous and happy. Was this Hilary’s last show?

  • Rob

    Matt in somewhat candid state of happiness – very nice to see him like that. The entire cast and crew seem to work so well together. What a nice way to start my day. Thanks.

  • murry

    So happy to hear this speech,Matt really charming.
    Thanks Jeff posted!
    Thank you Kelly!

  • Tejal

    Matt Bomer personifies class and graciousness. Great speech!

  • Kimberly

    love it and i saw the jeff e. got those followers fast

  • Lynne

    I am always amazed at how eloquent and sincere he is….and very slim.

  • Sheryl R.

    Matteo is the epitome of elegance, class and grace! I adore this man! Great way to wrap a shooting season!

  • Carol S.

    Matt Bomer just seems like the nicest guy! Loved his speech. (I noticed Neal’s anklet on that girl’s wrist. lol). And congratulations to Jeff Eastin for getting over 9000 followers! I know many of us campaigned hard on twitter for him! We all wanted to see Matt’s speech so bad 🙂 & Jeff was quick with his posting of the video!
    Thanks, Kelly, for posting here too!
    Matt looks so happy in this vid 🙂 as he should be! He’s on a hit show and is loved by so many fans!

  • Rob
  • Janine

    Thank you, Jeff … and Kelly for posting the video. Although, for some reason, I couldn’t see the video on this site. It’s probably something with my iPod. Matt is so cool. :D. <3

  • murry

    @ Rob – Thank you!
    I voted and commented.

  • @Janine: It has been uploaded on YouTube too:

  • kavya

    Matt looks so happy! He usually looks happy which makes all his fans happy too 😀 Because of White Collar a lot more fans; he really deserves it. He looks gorgeous and happy; a very good combination… From all I’ve heard about Matt on websites or in videos he’s a really nice guy. I’m sure that’s true. I’d really want to meet him sometime! Once again, who wouldn’t?! I love you Matt and thank you so much,Kelly, for making this fan site that Matt deserves so much!