“Guiding Light” captures completed!

I added “Guiding Light” captures for episodes 7/30/03 and 7/31/03 (R.I.P. Ben Reade).

PS: I’ll now start working on tracking down Matt’s “All My Children” episodes in better quality.

5 Comments to ““Guiding Light” captures completed!”

  1. murry says:

    Thank you Kelly!
    Can’t wait “All My Children” episodes’s pics!

  2. SaphireDee says:

    Poor Matt always seems to die an untimely death, Guiding Light, Tru Calling, Chuck and theTexas Chainsaw Massacre. Thank God he is alive and vibrant on White Collar. I still cross my fingers that they will bring him back for an episode on Chuck…I loved his character as Bryce Larkin.

  3. Millie says:

    I kind of miss Matt….

  4. NameRequired says:

    When I see these old pics of a younger MB I have to think, “It’s amazing what a decent haircut can do for a career.”

  5. Rob says:

    @SaphireDee – I’m with you – would love to see him do an arc on Chuck to reprise Bryce. ‘Action’ Matt is as good as WC Matt.