Matt at Primetime TV Crimefighters Panel

I added photos of Matt at the Primetime TV Crimefighters Panel tonight.

Here is a video of Matt on the red carpet. Sorry the quality is not the greatest!

  • OMG..
    How much I miss you, I hope you enjoyed .
    Thank you Kelly.

  • You’re welcome. 🙂 It’s great to see Matt out and about.

  • but he looks tired in pics, I hope he’s okay ..

  • Valentina

    Thank you so much Kelly! You do a great job!:)

  • Rob

    Stunning man.

  • Rob

    @Dreasms – I would give anything to look that tired for just a day 🙂

  • murry

    I Love You Matt!!!
    I Love You Matt!!!
    I Love You Matt!!!

  • Carol A.

    I think he looked more nervous than tired. I was actually a little nervous for him myself. You never know what questions they are going to throw at you.
    But of course, he did great and looked great.

  • Rob
  • kc

    thank you kelly!
    i think these are some of my fav MB pics because he looks mortal in these. i think he looks slightly sun burnt!!!! i agree with the tired theory… he does look tired. and nervous… even i felt quite nervous for him!!!

  • Rob

    Matt is human after all. I think part of his ‘nervousness’ in this clip was a possible wardrobe malfuntion he was correcting at beginning of tape and in one of the pics…

  • Sab

    Well, I for one enjoyed his small wardrobe malfunction, so he didn’t need to worry about it on my account. 😉

    Seriously though, I love how he mixes little ‘Neal’ touches, such as the beautifully fitted jacket and handkerchief in the top pocket, with his own more casual style of jeans and open-neck shirt. He’s bringing great style to his public appearances now.

  • Rob

    @Sab – agree. Also craziness on JJ again.

  • It was not a big deal to me either. It could have been much worse. We’re only human! I’m sure we’ve all done that before. 🙂