3 Comments to “Primetime TV Crimefighters Panel Video”

  1. Dy-no-mite says:

    I saw the live stream – lots of fun. Loved his anecdote about the Halloween costume

  2. Mary Beth Riccaboni says:

    Thank you so much for posting this show. I wanted to see it so bad but could not get it to come on. It was great, very entertaining. Matt was very dashing and debonaire as usual! It was fun hearing some new things about his childhood. Thanks again!

  3. Sab says:

    Thanks for posting, Kelly. I couldn’t catch it live, so it was good to be able to catch it recorded. But I have to say – not impressed with the moderator at all. What was the point of bringing together ‘TV Crimefighters’ and asking – what? – one relevant question? I felt sorry for the actors – it seemed like the panel wasn’t what they’d been expecting at all, and it certainly didn’t give them a chance to answer the kind of questions I was hoping to hear the answers to either.