A Few Minutes With… “White Collar’s” Matthew Bomer

Matt announced his character’s name in his new film “Now”, which is Henry Hamilton.

Thanks Rob for the tip!

  • Every day there are more enthusiastic, and who can wait until 2011 this’s a long wait for me ..
    Thanks Kelly and Rob .

  • Mary Beth

    I thought waiting to January 2011 was hard! I can’t wait to see Matt in “Now” I hope it is a huge success. Thanks for keeping us informed! Love teh Crime Fighters Forum! It was fun1

  • Carol S.

    The video won’t play for me. 🙁
    Anyone else having that problem?

  • priya

    thanks a lot

    hmm, a 105 year old guy who hasn’t aged since he was 25 (Matt talking about his role the movie ‘Now’), seems like they found the perfect guy to play that 🙂