Matt featured in TV Guide Magazine Hot List 2010

Matt appears at 1:24. We’ve seen the video footage before, but it’s still wonderful he’s featured.

Thanks Jasmine for the tip!

  • Rob

    No one deserves to be on this list more!

  • Chris

    Nice shots of Matt. I assume they’re from the photo shoot earlier this year for the TV guide issue that featured Matt, Mark Feuerstein, and Jeffrey Donovan on the cover although I hadn’t see these particular images before. Thanks for the link.

  • Vanessa

    Thanks for posting this, Kelly! LOL at their description of Matt – Just Plain Hot. =)

  • @Rob , yes you right no one deserves to be on this list more than Matt ..

    I want those pictures that Matt has picked up for this magazine .

    Thank you Kelly and Jasmine .

  • murry

    Matt is best!

  • I made a Matt Bomer Video!!! Soooo Happy!