• Mary Beth

    Wow even on hiatus Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey) is still being written about in TV guide! Love it!

  • priya

    thanks a lot. love the intro…stealing hearts 🙂

  • Sharon M.

    I do declare he is one handsome man with a sweet personality and a brain! The best part is that he is not afraid to use it. I admire that he volunteers to help others and presents himself as a very classy gentleman. There is more to this man than meets the eye … he has a gentle soul and a good heart. The unseen beauty is what makes him special.

  • Carol A.

    I agree with Sharon on every point. And I agree with TV Guide magazine, that he is “JUST PLAIN HOT” in all ways.

  • Rob

    Agree with Sharon / Carol.

  • murry

    Totally agree with Sharon M.
    Matt so hoooooot!

  • murry

    Thanks Brianne and Kelly!

  • Janine

    I agree with Sharon. And with the article description of ‘Just plain hot’! I loved in the article when it says that Matt is ‘criminally handsome’. ;(). Matt is very special <3