“White Collar” Season 2.5 Promos

Here are 2 spoilerish “White Collar” Season 2.5 Promos that were just released. Can’t wait until January 18th!

  • priya

    thanks a lot for posting. Love Neal in promo 2…

  • Carol A.

    I love the your under arrest picture. Can’t wait for January. I actually hate to wish the year away, but Neal and Peter are worth it.

  • Rob

    Best show on tv…

  • Valentina

    Can’t wait forJanuary 18h! Thanks so much for the vids:)

  • Carol A.

    Hi Rob,
    Where are you from? East or West coast?

  • Kat’s mom

    A “White Collar” watch party?

  • Lynne

    Great previews. I’m glad USA is doling out things bit by bit to keep everyone excited.

  • murry

    Lovely previews, can’t wait!

  • Really Really Really I can’t wait ,
    I’m soooooo excited …

  • Minty

    Ahhh, Mozzie is ALIVE!! Thank God…

  • kavya

    I cannot wait for the season premiere!! I especially liked the second promo 🙂 I absolutely believe that white collar is and always will be the best show on TV 😀 I love Matt!

  • Carol S.

    The promos are awesome! Looks like we are in for an AMAZING 2nd half of the season! I cannot wait! Come on Jan!!
    Definitely the best show on TV!! It’s my tv obsession for sure!
    I love Matt and Tim! No one else could be Neal and Peter!

  • Rob

    @ Carol A – travel a lot on business, I can be anywhere, why?

  • Carol A

    Just curious. I like the way you think and I enjoy your comments.
    No other reason. You just seem like a nice person and I was wondering.

  • Rob

    @ Carol A – thanks, you as well.