• SaphireDee

    I was just thinking to inflate my tires today, but now that Matty tells me to do so, it makes it seem so much more sweeter LOL! How can you deny that face? Love that he is promoting the green! I also think Matt feels more in his comfort zone when he puts his hands in his pockets, a very endearing habit he has ?

  • murry

    Beautiful voice, and Matt so cute!

  • Ooooh wooooooooooooow , Kelly what you did!! I thought I lost my way, hahaha
    I loved the change that you done at the site ..
    Thanks ……

  • Dy-no-mite

    He can inflate my tires any time!

  • Certainly,
    SEXY voice ..

    I love it …

  • clichejuice

    Awesome Kelly!! Did you get my message? I will be in touch when I get back from my conference this weekend.

  • a fan

    Just checking if my comment appears…. didn’t happen last three days.. I inflate my tires once a every month, Matt!!

  • Kanarek13

    there… inflated… you just can’t say no to Matt 😛

  • LOL! I should follow his advice too.

  • Carol S.

    I’ll do whatever Matt tells me to do!

  • Carol A.

    Me too!!!!!