USA Network’s Characters Unite PSA’s

USA Network has uploaded 4 Characters Unite PSA’s featuring Matt. Thanks Deb for the tip!

I have also added captures from the video clips.

  • Dy-no-mite

    He’s bringing the world together with his hotness!

  • mimi

    Great videos and lovely article. Thank you Kelly and Deb!

  • Milo

    Thanks kelly and deb. Um…what is a PSA?

  • @ Milo: A public service announcement (PSA) or public service ad is a type of advertisement featured on television, radio, print or other media. Whereas the objective of a standard advertisement is to market a product, a PSA is intended to benefit the public interest, by raising awareness of an issue, affecting public attitudes, and potentially stimulating action.

  • Lynne

    I thought it was interesting that Tim did the bullying PSA. I watched the all and they were all good. Matt just has a naturalness about his delivery.

  • Rob

    USA does a good job on public service issues and Matt is a perfect spokesperson.

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the links, Kelly.
    I was sorry to hear that Tim DeKay was bullied as a kid.

  • murry

    Thank you Kelly and Deb!
    Matt is absolute perfection!

  • Ana

    found old photo by Greg Gorman for Flaunt Magazine πŸ™‚
    …he looks awesome…

  • priya

    thanks a lot

    great to see Matt in the PSA. wonderful initiative by the USA network, i gotta say.

  • Lynne

    To the Americans on mattbomerfan (and, of course, Kelly!) Happy Thanksgiving. I enjoy reading your comments and thankful for a friendly atmosphere to celebrate our favorite guy!

  • Rob

    @Lynne – well said. Thanks to all.


  • Kavya

    I am so happy for Matt that he’s getting more and more famous. I mean he is the SEXIEST RISING STAR! I can’t wait for the movie Now. I really would like to see Matt in more on TV. It’s really good for him and me πŸ™‚ I can’t get enough him. That’s fulfilled by this site πŸ˜€ Thanks Kelly πŸ˜‰ I LOVE MATT BOMER!

  • Kat’s mom

    Kelly, Is it a “no news is good news” time for Matt?
    Hope you’re okay. You are so reliable! At times,
    visiting here is the highlight of my day. You’ve spoiled
    me with your efficient representation of what’s going
    on w/ Matt. Not trying to mind your business…only
    wish you and handsome Matt well.

  • There’s really nothing to update the site with right now. I’m looking out for any news or photos to add. While there is some downtime, I’m trying to get over this lingering cold I have and busily working behind the scenes on an upcoming site I will be launching on Saturday. We’ll be back in full swing in the next few weeks! πŸ™‚

  • Rob

    Kelly, enjoy your ‘downtime’ before things pick up for the premiere and feel better soon. Thanks for your work here.

  • kc

    starved for bomer news… just saw this online and thought it was interesting

  • Rob

    @kc – I saw that as well and the 3rd article I’ve seen where she mentioned Matt specifically.

  • clichejuice

    Kelly it was great to hear from you.

  • Lynne

    It is bad when you see someone tweet that they (literally) ran into Matt and his family at Target in LA (they were coming around an aisle at the same time) and get excited.

    Just want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday whatever one you celebrate. And, to a very happy 2011 for everyone!

  • @Lynne I don’t know what made me happier: hearing that someone met him or that he shops at Target my fave store! LOL

  • Carol A.

    I would faint if I ran into Matt anywhere.

  • Rob
  • The login I had to get White Collar stills has died. Hoping to get another one soon. πŸ™