Added more “White Collar” Episode 2×11 stills

I added 21 more “White Collar” Episode 2×11 stills. Thanks clichejuice for donating them!

To celebrate Christmas, clichejuice has also made us some beautiful fan art to help us count down.

We’ll be adding even more fan art up until Christmas day.

  • Sharon

    Beautiful fan art! Although the subject matter must have helped! :-). OT, Do you know of anywhere I can find any Matt/Neal wallpapers for the holidays? I’d appreciate any help you or any MattBomerFan reader could give me! Thank you so much!

  • Rob

    It’s amazing how young flashback Neal looks. Also like to see Tim and Matt having a heart to heart chat like best buds.

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the pics, Kelly and clichejuice.

    Young Neal looks like Bryce Larkin in his Stanford days. It’s nice to see Neal flirting. Can’t wait for the flashback episode. Alex+Neal+Kate!

  • clichejuice

    @ Sharon. Thank you. I will see what I can do about a wallpaper.

  • Claudinha

    Thanks for all pics.
    I am waiting for january 18th…

  • PT

    Oh My God!!!! Is that Willie Garson? Too funny. The count down has begun 32 days and we finally get to see how Mozzie survives. Let the count down begin. If it’s ok with Kelly I will post the count down everyday.

  • PT

    we are now at 30 days and counting

  • murry

    So beautiful pics!
    Thanks Kelly!