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Here is a sneak peak of Matt singing with Diahann Carroll and Billy Dee Williams on the next episode of “White Collar”.

PS: You can also view 3 sneak peeks from “White Collar” Episode 2×13 here.

4 Comments on “Sneak Peek of Matt singing on “White Collar”

  1. Em

    Is this clip available on youtube for example? That NY Post player is not working on my laptop :(
    But thank you for the mp3 with the song, at least I could listen to it!

  2. sjanice

    Please tell me it’s a whole song and not just a few bars.

  3. Ally

    Matt has a wonderful voice…i love when he sings!
    i´m counting the days to see this episode =)

  4. Mary

    The boy can harmonize and that is a good thing. His voice is wonderful and I tippy-toe to the Kennedy Center video often to hear him sing. Beautiful men, like beautiful women have problems with people perceiving them a certain way even when they are intelligent, talented and very classy!! His parents gave him his beauty and his start in life. It has been up to him to maintain that intelligence and class and he has in spades.

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