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I added photos of Matt at the Celebrity Beach Bowl today in Dallas, TX! I will post more photos as they arrive.

Please vote for Matt as your favorite Beach Bowl player here!

Thanks w6terlily for the tip about the video and more photos below!

33 Comments on “Matt at DirecTV’s Fifth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl

  1. Laura

    Thanks for posting this. Matt’s dad must have enjoyed atching his son play football:)
    Who won the game? And where can I get Matt’s jersey??

  2. NameRequired

    Yeah, that was fun but waaayy too short. And of course the lame *announcers* called him *Bomber*…. duh.
    AND: Finally some legs-time for Matt (hint:USA…)
    Just checked the Poll — Matt is crushing his rivals @ 60% !!!

    I think this event is a cool idea — wish it was more like the old MTV celebrity basketball deal where there was a lot more celebrity & actual play and less filler garbage (and some funny *extra* rules.)

    As usual, though, great to see Matt out there doing anything and having fun. Cool runnings, Matt !!

  3. Rhonda

    What I wouldnt give just to run around and tackle him in the sand all day, who cares if he was the one with the ball or not…. LOL!!!

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