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I added photos of Matt at the Celebrity Beach Bowl today in Dallas, TX! I will post more photos as they arrive.

Please vote for Matt as your favorite Beach Bowl player here!

Thanks w6terlily for the tip about the video and more photos below!

33 Comments on “Matt at DirecTV’s Fifth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl

  1. Melissa

    Thanks for the photos, Kelly! Can’t wait to see some of the video.

    Nice to see Matt having fun!

  2. Kelly

    It’s so weird not seeing him in a fancy suit! 😛 I really dig it though. After the game, he and other celebrities should auction their jerseys off for charity. I have a feeling they would go for quite a bit of money!

  3. D

    Thanks for the pictures! He looks gorgeous in blue. (Well any color really) Stunning. Also, legs!

  4. mimi

    He’s soooo cute!

  5. Deej

    Thanks for posting these.

    How unfare that the man has better legs than a lot of women !!!!! LOL.

  6. Melissa

    Great idea,Kelly!

    Of course we would want the jerseys unwashed! A lot of people would pay for the jersey Matt sweated in. :)

  7. Melissa

    Atta girl, Hayden! (I think that was Hayden Pantierre)

  8. Lily

    Matt Bomer is strong and agile today. And what a gentleman. I like to take Hayden’s place anytime :)

  9. Ally

    Matt is breathtaking!
    i can´t get enough of him *-*
    i wish i was in Dallas now!

  10. Juliana

    I can’t watch the interview ):

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