Matt at DirecTV’s Fifth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl

I added photos of Matt at the Celebrity Beach Bowl today in Dallas, TX! I will post more photos as they arrive.

Please vote for Matt as your favorite Beach Bowl player here!

Thanks w6terlily for the tip about the video and more photos below!

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the photos, Kelly! Can’t wait to see some of the video.

    Nice to see Matt having fun!

  • It’s so weird not seeing him in a fancy suit! 😛 I really dig it though. After the game, he and other celebrities should auction their jerseys off for charity. I have a feeling they would go for quite a bit of money!

  • D

    Thanks for the pictures! He looks gorgeous in blue. (Well any color really) Stunning. Also, legs!

  • mimi

    He’s soooo cute!

  • Thanks for posting these.

    How unfare that the man has better legs than a lot of women !!!!! LOL.

  • Melissa

    Great idea,Kelly!

    Of course we would want the jerseys unwashed! A lot of people would pay for the jersey Matt sweated in. 🙂

  • Melissa

    Atta girl, Hayden! (I think that was Hayden Pantierre)

  • Lily

    Matt Bomer is strong and agile today. And what a gentleman. I like to take Hayden’s place anytime 🙂

  • Ally

    Matt is breathtaking!
    i can´t get enough of him *-*
    i wish i was in Dallas now!

  • Juliana

    I can’t watch the interview ):

  • Sorry Juliana, I can’t seem to download that video. I will make a video of it though when I watch the game at 2 AM on my TV.

  • Vanessa

    Thank you for the photos and video, Kelly! As always, you’re doing a fantastic job of maintaining this site and keeping us up-to-date on Matt. Love him in his WC suits, but this blue looks amazing on him! *swoons*

  • Thanks Kelly! These are awesome!

  • Mary Beth

    Thanks Kelly! Wish we could see the whole game it looked like fun! I use to play football for fun but not with anybody as good looking as Matt!

  • Saphire Dee

    Matt is winning so far @ 30% but a few ot others are catching up to him ?!/directv?v=app_68682102181

  • You’re welcome everyone! 🙂

  • clichejuice

    This is so awesome!!

  • Debbie

    Thanks for the photos. I can’t see the video either. I’ll wait until you upload another one later. Thanks so much, Matt looks great!!

  • Mary

    It isn’t just the legs, it’s the knees; those knees just get to me. LOL

  • clichejuice

    Erm forgot to ask did Matt’s team win?

  • Juliana

    Thank you, Kelly. I really want to watch it.

  • Sunny

    Kelly, thanks for the pic and video.

    Matt is a good athlete. But I must say, I’m not a fan of those uniforms on ANYONE. They look like Phys Ed gym clothes.

  • Jaz

    The photos are gorgeous, thank you so much.
    I can’t see the vid

  • Sunny

    And a side note. I so strongly associate Guy Fieri with food that just seeing him makes me hungry. Sorry, I know that sounds weird and slightly dirty, but I don’t men it that way. I just see Guy and I automatically think of Dinners. Drive-ins and Dives.

  • Carol S.

    Thanks so much, Kelly! Awesome job as always!
    Matt really looks like he had a great time!
    Matt’s got great legs and love those knees, omg. Actually nice to see him out of the suit (even though I do love him in the suit and tie). Of course I love him shirtless or doing the nudie dance on White Collar too! haha

  • Mary

    See, told ya’ll he has cute knees.

  • Jaz


    NEW pics

  • Adding them soon. Just got home 10 minutes ago. Please don’t link that site here. lol

  • Olena

    Thank you, Kelly. Awesome photos and the video is just too cute… Love the haircut, makes him look so young 😛 hmmmm 😀

  • Ally

    the last pics of the album are very funny…I´d give everything to be Hayden lol lucky girl!
    and Matt is so cuuuute, loved his hair cut! and after running and playing it still perfect *-*
    congrats Kelly! awesome job!

  • Laura

    Thanks for posting this. Matt’s dad must have enjoyed atching his son play football:)
    Who won the game? And where can I get Matt’s jersey??

  • NameRequired

    Yeah, that was fun but waaayy too short. And of course the lame *announcers* called him *Bomber*…. duh.
    AND: Finally some legs-time for Matt (hint:USA…)
    Just checked the Poll — Matt is crushing his rivals @ 60% !!!

    I think this event is a cool idea — wish it was more like the old MTV celebrity basketball deal where there was a lot more celebrity & actual play and less filler garbage (and some funny *extra* rules.)

    As usual, though, great to see Matt out there doing anything and having fun. Cool runnings, Matt !!

  • Rhonda

    What I wouldnt give just to run around and tackle him in the sand all day, who cares if he was the one with the ball or not…. LOL!!!