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TV Appearances Reminder

Just reminding everyone that Matt will be appearing on NBC’s Today Show at 8:30 AM ET PT, again at 10 AM ET/PT with Tim DeKay, and on Live with Regis and Kelly tomorrow! Please check your local listings for exact times. I’ll post captures and video clips when I get home from work.

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Date: February 28th, 2011
Author: Kelly

14 Responses
Posted by Kim

Kelly, thanks! I would have missed the second Today appearance if you hadn’t posted it. Can’t wait!

Posted by CAROLYN

Wish I could see Matt/Tim’s TV appearances in South Africa! But thank
goodness for you Kelly posting them on this site!

Posted by Olena

Yeah, we, poor souls, living outside U.S. would’ve been lost without you, Kelly. Thanks so much :D

Posted by Mary Beth

Matt was as deboniere as usual on both interviews! GOing to work now will have to see the next one when I get home! Cna’t wait for tonight, the show looks funny!

Posted by Carol A

Do you know why Tim and Matt are in New York? They have to be back in LA for the Paley Center. I was just curious. (It could be just because of the interviews.)

Posted by Carol A

I can’t wait to get home to see today show (s) with Matt and then Matt and Tim. Then Regis and Kelly. Then White Collar tonight. Great Day.

Posted by Sab

@TedonTV on Twitter posted some pics of Matt and Tim on the Today show: http://twitpic.com/451olg

Also, Kelly – this post says Matt is on Regis & Kelly tomorrow, but the sidebar and WhiteCollarUSA’s twitter feed says that’s today.

Posted by Sab

Oops – misread date of post. Both interviews say today. Sorry, Kelly.

Looking forward to the clips. :)

Posted by Sab

Pic of Matt getting ready for his interview with Regis & Kelly:

Posted by Robyn

I look forward to the caps, they looked cute when they where filming the today show (the second one, I missed the first ones, although I am sure all are awesome)

Posted by Mary

While all pictures Matt or Tim are fabulous, this one is my absolute favorite picture. There aren’t enough words to express how much I love this particular shot and that it tells us how much these two care for one another. Bromance, not romance!

Posted by Afsana

Here are 2 new clips with Neal from “Power Play”. Sara is back!

Posted by leticia dourado

I love your photos of Matt Bomer from every day to see if there’s anything new but I was sad for a week why do not you posted anything about it but I understand … it would seem he did not leave the house … but you know your blog is one of the best talks on the matt
I love your posts about it continues like this …
ps: I never made any comment so I can comment I had to use goole translator

Posted by murry

Thanks Kelly!
This is my favourite pic :)