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07. 21. 11
Posted by Kelly

“In Time” Teaser/Trailer

The very spoilery “In Time” teaser/trailer was shown at SDCC 2011 today.

Also, be sure to check out the official site for the film here!

I added captures from the teaser/trailer and also a still from the film here.

PS: I would also like to thank Olena A. for donating $20.00 to the site!

22 Comments on ““In Time” Teaser/Trailer

  1. rks


  2. Afsana

    Can’t Wait!!!!!! “Jumping up and down”

  3. Jaz

    Thank you Kelly, they showed all Matt’s scenes there, lol
    Any DL?

  4. Smart Media

    Looks like he dies pretty quickly…that part is sad but the rest look exciting! Thanks for letting us check it out.

  5. Sab

    AWESOME! So glad he got a good showing in the trailer. I can see that – as expected – he knocks it out of the park. Now, somebody give Matt a lead film role, please!

  6. Kelly

    Here is a download:

  7. fan62

    it looks like matt has a very small part in the movie…perhaps he can’t do more substantial roles because of “white collar” for the moment). ann rice said several times that he would be a perfect “louis” if there was a sequel to “interview with a vampire”

  8. Sab

    Matt’s role may not be that large, but I believe it’s pivotal, and if it gives him a chance to showcase his talents in a role where he is playing someone who is so very not ‘Neal Caffrey’ then that’s great. Hopefully this will lead to bigger film opportunities for him. Unfortunately it’s still not that easy for TV stars to move to movies; he’ll have to work his way up to lead roles through taking increasingly large supporting roles, and it looks like this movie is a good start. I really hope he gets another good supporting role in a quality movie during next hiatus from WC filming.

  9. Matt fan

    Matt looks and sounds great in this. The gritty setting makes him really stand out visually. His role actually seems quite important to the plot. Really look forward to seeing him on the big screen. I just hope that he doesn’t need to choose between White Collar or good movies hoping he can squeeze in a larger role after current WC filming.

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