Added “White Collar” Episode 3×10 captures and video clips

I added 368 “White Collar” Episode 3×10 captures.

I also added 4 video clips and you can view them here.

Here is the character builder featuring Matt that aired during tonight’s episode.


Wow: We now have 40,000+ images in the gallery!

  • Pallas

    Dear Kelly

    Thanks for your latest beautiful pictures for Matt, greately appreciate your immediately uploading and sharing with us:)


  • sowmya

    Count Down was the best episode of season 3 awesome!

  • fan62

    yes,it was a great episode. but even before watching it i was sure the cliffhanger would be elizabeth kidnapped by keller…i hope mozzie has not already gone with it…lol

  • fan62

    …gone with the treasure,i mean…

  • Mary

    The look on Peter’s face had me crying and the look on Neal’s face made it worse. That will stick in my head until January.

    Good show, good job!!

  • I predict Elizabeth’s kidnapping will bring Mozzie back; he’s got too big of a heart to take off with Elizabeth being held by Keller. Neal will contact Mozzie and together they will help rescue Elizabeth.