Added more “Magic Mike” set photos

I added photos of Matt on the “Magic Mike” set from today and yesterday.

Thanks to my friend Crayen for donating most of them!

PS: I just found out today that Matt’s character in the film is named “Ken”.

  • Annaliz

    I love this images I think he looks very nice like that.
    I´m waiting for this movie so much!!

  • Matt Fan

    OMG pic# 5 is a gun show!!

  • Sab

    Thanks for all the beautiful pics, Kelly.

  • CarolM

    These are great pics! Thanks Kelly.

  • Mary

    Thank you, Kelly for these pix. Now, back to attempting to breathe again.

  • Melissa

    Thanks for the lovely pics, Kelly.

    Looks like Matt is wearing the hat he was playing with in the TV guide shoot with Piper Perabo.

  • Isabelle

    wow these are some lovely photos. I just learned they are filming the rest of the movie in the Tampa Bay area, thats an hour from me, I’m tempted to do a little stalking.

  • Sar

    It’s so nice to see him in something other than a suit, he looks just as good dressed casual (and even better half naked! 😉 )

  • Cristina

    He looks very very hot dressed casual!