Happy Birthday Matt Bomer!

Happy 34th birthday Matt! We hope you have a truly wonderful day and that the future will bring you as much happiness as you have brought us. We also hope you’ll enjoy reading all the birthday wishes from your fans in the comments below.


Here is Matt’s response to the birthday wishes:

Hey! You are all so sweet to think of me! I love you all!

Lots of love,

  • Happy Birthday Matt from here in England! x

  • rebecca

    Happy Birthday Matt

    I hope you have an amazing day and looks like you are having a fun time filming the new movie which all of us cant wait to see.

    You are a great guy and your fans appreciate the time you take to acknowledge us.

    Hope you celebrate in style with your family and friends.

    from your biggest fan in australia

  • Trish

    Happy Birthday good lookin! Please go on WWHL with @BravoAndy again.

  • Feliz Cumpleaños Mi Amor !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy BDay from Argentina !!!!! wishing you the best for this very special day !!!!!!!!! have a WONDERFUL time today !!!!!!! :^D Kisses and Hugs for you !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Camilo

    Happy Birthday Matt, I hope you will spend this day celebrating so much and surrounded by your lovedones. Last week it was my birthday too, so we share the same zodiac sign LOL. I send you greetings from Colombia, a country I hope you can visit on a very near future and learn about our culture of music, indian culture, dancing and food.
    Have fun
    Bogotá, Colombia

  • Kayla

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Matt!!! Hope you have an amazing day! You are the best! Lots of love!!!
    P.S. can't WAIT to see In Time and Magic Mike!

  • Jessica

    Happy Birthday Matt!!!! I LOVE you on White Collar!!!

  • kaylan

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! good luck with the movie In time. we will always love you! have a awesome day 🙂

  • paula

    Matt HAPPY BIRTHDAY and i wish all your wishes come true ¡¡¡LOVE FROM MEXICO¡¡¡ xoxo

  • Sherie trezise

    Wishing you a very happy birthday! Hope you are surrounded by people who love you and make you smile from the heart. Thankyou for sharing your talent and those sparkling BLUE EYES with us ;0) blessings from an Aussie fan. Sherie

  • Mana

    Happy Birthday, Matt?(?ó?ò)???
    I hope that you spend an amazing day with the best person on your birthday?
    Please remember that I’m always cheering you from Japan!!

    Please come to Japan someday…!!

  • Shanelle

    Happy Birthday, Matt! I hope you had an amazing day filled with love and happiness 🙂

  • loroco


  • Senchan

    Happy Birthday!
    Wish you have a wonderful day filled with love and happiness.
    Thank you for you talent acting of Neal,I love the character so much.
    And,hope you someday will see you in China…or I’ll study hard then maybe will see you in America

  • Sylvia

    Happy Birthday Matt!
    Have a great day~~

  • Iris

    Happy Birthday Matt!!!!! Sorry you’re stuck filming in Florida on your birthday.

  • Melissa

    Happy Birthday, Matt! Wishing you much happiness and success!

  • Sabera

    Belated Happy Birthday Matt.

  • Neil

    Belated Happy Birthday Matt. I wish you all the success, happiness and joy in the world! Your fans love you. Hope you had a blast on your birthday 😀 Hugs and Kisses!

  • Phalguni

    Happy Birthday Matt…. Hope that all your wishes come true

  • Sara

    Happy birthday Matt!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!

  • Happy B-Day Matt you are the best!! and my love *-*