“In Time” Featurette: The Minutes

“In Time” is in theaters tomorrow, October 28th. Don’t miss it!

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New Video: A Little Time With The Stars Of In Time (Thanks Chie for the tip!)

Update: Check out a new interview with Andrew Niccol and the “In Time” cast here.

Question: So twenty-five is the age stopgap in the film. But what age would you all like to get stuck at and why?

KARTHEISER: I got nothing. I mean that’s something I’ve never contemplated. I don’t know. Have you guys ever sat around and thought about something like that?
SEYFRIED: You ever think about eleven?
TIMBERLAKE: Yeah – just eleven.
KARTHEISER: Eleven was a really good year for me.
MATT BOMER: Twenty-seven. The Saturn return year.
KARTHEISER: Saturn return – is that a satellite?
BOMER: Maybe.