• fan

    he looks youger in these pictures!…???

  • fan

    “younger”…damn keyborad! 🙂

  • fan

    ahhhhhh,i get crazy “keyboard”

  • Carol A

    I hope he lets his hair grow longer for the next season. I like it with some length rather than short.

  • Sorry for my english.
    Agree Carol A, i think the same i prefer the long hair, any way Matt always look gorgeous, sometimes i look the pictures and i can´t believe the beautiful that he is.

  • Nastja

    although I like long hair more, he’s so handsome in this photos!!

  • Lynn

    Okay, everyone, run, do not walk to watch the video of Matt and Tim’s reunion posted today on the @WhiteCollarUSA twitter (TCA press tour). Then set aside some time to watch it again and again, because it is just the cutest thing ever.

  • Matt is sooo great!!! I love him <3