DIRECTV’s Sixth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl

I added photos of Matt at DIRECTV’s Sixth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl in Indianapolis, Indiana today.

PS: Thanks to my friend Crayen for donating several HQ photos!

Update! I created a video consisting of Matt’s highlights from the game.

  • Skiwitch

    Disappointed in Direct TV coverage. They didn’t interview Matt or mention his making the extra point or his good run with the ball. I enjoyed watching anyway. Good pictures!

  • lprada

    now Matt and Joe are in everywhere I’m like ‘yes guys, we ge it, the two are friends, enough’ XD

    p.s: Matt looks gorgeous and the mark of the glasses on his tan is funny

  • John Tracy

    I can see why you are all Matt Bomer fans. I’m the DIRECTV Ultimate Displaced Fan winner that played in the game and I’m the one that threw the extra point to him (#18 Tracy). Matt was SUPER nice and so easy to talk to. I have a ton of respect for this guy and appreciate him treating me like one of them. And… Thanks Mr. Bomer for catching the only pass of my career:)

  • R

    Maybe he didn’t want to be interviewed?

  • neu

    Thank you for the photos, and for making the vid. Nice to see Matt in action!

  • Sharon M.

    It is always fun to see Matt in action. Thank you for the photos and video.

  • Dashia

    @John T, Wow, that’s great for you. Glad you have a great time. I watched the moment when Matt catch your throw.

  • Matt Fan

    It’s refreshing to see how excited he gets, brings a smile.

  • R


    Lol, hopefully they will get your message and stop hanging out together. Ignore each other at celeb functions and never talk about each other.

    Hey, he’s only been friends with the guy since he was like 18 years old, spent his first time away from home at his house and the rest.

    In a place like Hollywood where you’re the hot person one minute and ignored the next, stick with people who have known you before all this mayhem! 🙂

  • Mary

    I have watched the vid several times and enjoy watching our boy each and every time. He is so very into the game and so joyful as he plays. All the pix, the video and Mr. Tracy, thank you Ms. Kelly! Still cannot get enough of this lovely man!

  • Matt Fan

    Well said ‘R’

  • John Tracy: Thanks for stopping by the site! I really appreciate your kind words about Matt as well.

  • Suzy

    @ John Tracy: You’re very lucky 🙂 I’m sure this was an amazing experience