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Matt received a New Generation Arts and Activism Award at the awards gala tonight, held at the Palm Springs Convention Center, benefiting Desert AIDS Project. Congratulations on your award Matt! We’re so proud of you and can’t think of anyone more deserving. I would like to thank @DesertAIDS for sharing the following photos below.

Update! I have added 8 HQ photos of Matt from last night to the gallery.

News: Nathan Lane, Octavia Spencer, & Matt Bomer among the Characters Uniting to Fight Prejudice

20 Comments on “18th Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards

  1. Sab

    Thanks for these. Any way anyone can grab that video from Facebook?

  2. Lynda

    Is Simon holding his glasses for him? Such a great recognition.

  3. Kelly

    @Lynda: Yes, that is him.

  4. Ati

    Very nice speech specially when he talks about his family!
    Thanks a lot Kelly for the work u put into this site, you’re my number one source for all things Matt. Great job

  5. Kelly

    Thanks Ati! I love working on the site. Glad you’re enjoying it.

  6. Mary

    What a wonderfully glorious evening for our lovely boy! Hearing him speak of his beloved family really warmed me all over. Such a lovely human being!

  7. fan62

    I like the way he thanked his “beautiful family, simon, kit, walker, henry”… :-)

  8. Nastja

    Congratulations Matt!! We’re so proud of you!!!

  9. Suzy

    Such an amazing speech! You can see he was full of emotions when he spoke about his family.

  10. Sab

    Thank you so much for the upload, Kelly! And for all the fantastic work you do on this site!

    This was so great to see. I hope it’s the first of many times when Matt is recognised for his amazing heart and talent. So wonderful to see him thank his family, and what a lovely, heart-warming speech over all. Congrats to whoever thought to have Diahann Caroll present him with the award – perfect!

    Looking forward to lots more pics from this event. *crossing fingers*

    So many congratulations, Matt! We are so proud of you, in every way!

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