Matt featured in Soap Opera Digest

I added scans of Matt from the March 13th issue of Soap Opera Digest. Thanks Laura for the tip!

PS: I would also like to thank Debby S. for her generous $50.00 donation to the site!

  • Corduroy

    Does anyone know what happened with the GQ Italy photo shoot? The new issue is out and he is not in it! 🙁

  • R

    Great interview. LOVE him in his football outfit!

  • fan62

    @ R…are you sure it’s matt in this pic ???…

  • R

    Yeah, it looks exactly like him lol! Why would he take pictures of strangers and say ‘He’s mum wants it back!’

    Look at the eyes of the guy on right…that smile….dude you can NOT call yourself a Matt fan and not recognise him!

  • R

    Also fan62, have you not read the interview next to the football picture…do you think he’s lying? Oh my god. How odd. It’s him. With anyone with eyes who can notice that smile with the blue eyes.

  • fan62

    @ R…no need to insult me. I’m still not sure it’s matt (it cood just be a wrong pic,like this one ). this guy’s haircolour seems to be too light.

  • lok

    Of course it’s him, it looks just like his yearbook picture