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Added more “Glee” stills and videos

Here’s are 2 more behind the scenes videos for Matt’s “Glee” episode.

I also added more “Glee” stills to the gallery and replaced 1 with a HQ version. Thanks Cam and Ali!

PS: I’ll add captures and video clips from “Big Brother” Episode 3×15 soon.

Date: April 11th, 2012
Author: Kelly

5 Responses
Posted by Tina

That audition is pure genius. He’s so funny.

And I’m just wondering. How can a guy be this gorgeous, AND talented and bright and fun? Can somebody really be this perfect? Is that even legal?

Posted by R

I am actually still laughing at his performance. Genius! SO good!

Posted by R

Also, it’s SO good to see him stretch his acting muscles either through drama-In Time or comedy-Glee. Stuff he would never be able to do in WC as it’s a light show.

Posted by Vote for Matt & Glee


Posted by Arun

I loved the character, and I agree, the audition is hilarious! :D
But I also love love love the jacket he wears during the acting masterclass! Does anyone have any idea where it’s from? x