Added Entertainment Weekly scans!

I rushed home during my lunch break just to scan this amazing feature for you guys. Enjoy!

Be sure to pick up a copy of EW on newsstands tomorrow!

Update! Check out the new “Magic Mike” trailer below and photoshoot here.


  • Sab

    Thank you, Kelly. Very kind of you.

    BTW, the keeper(s) of this blog are posting lots of tweeted pics from the USA Upfronts. Matt is looking AMAZING:

  • SaphiredEE

    Does anyone know if this photoshoot was done recently or at the time they were filming Magic Mike. Matt doesn’t seem to be as filled out here as he did while filming. Or maybe it is because him and Mathew Mc. are side by side with Joe M, who is HUGE! When you see the two Matthews beside Joe M. the seem so small LOL! I can’t help but think of “Beauty (which is Matt) & the Beast” haha.

  • They were photographed on April 24th.

  • Clau

    Kelly, thank you so much!

  • R

    Hot. Matt of course looks so much better then all of them.

  • Alex

    Great video really handsome

  • Alex