• Casey

    thank you!!

  • Lori

    I just saw Joe on Today, but Matt wasn’t there, and no one said anything about Matt not being there. (Just before the Kathie Lee/Hoda part of the show came on, one of the newscasters said “a couple of the stars of Magic Mike” but again, only Joe was there). Did he have to cancel? I’ve been looking forward to seeing Matt on the Today show since last week, even set my DVR to record it 🙁

  • Miky

    Well, I understand that i’m a little bit repetitive, but this man make me crazy! He’s too… too… too hot.

  • Christina

    I DVR’ed the Today Show but never saw Matt or Joe. Did I somehow miss it?!

  • Sab

    @Lori – I’m assuming Matt had to cancel his Today Show appearance to film White Collar. He must have planned to fit in another PR appearance for Magic Mike, but in the end there was no time. Besides, presumably he’s going to be doing a bunch of shows in a week or two to publicise the return of White Collar, so that’s probably the best use of his limited time off from filming at the moment.

  • Casey

    i hate to bury this in here where nobody’s probably looking anymore but, here’s a link to a sneak peek small scene from the season 4 premiere…


  • Zoey

    I hope this season of White Collar is better, I didnt like last season. I even voted it as the most disappointed season of a previously awesome show…i hope theres an improvement.