11 Comments to “Added “White Collar” Episode 4×8 captures”

  1. casey says:

    thank you so much!!

  2. Matt Fan says:

    This is the best season yet for White Collar and Matt looks at his best.

  3. casey says:

    the causal attire so often when neal’s off the job or undercover has been really sexy.

  4. Sharon M. says:

    Does White Collar Status “Completed” mean there isn’t a Season 5? I thought they were just on hiatus.

  5. Kelly says:

    Sorry for the confusion, it just means he completed filming it for this season.

  6. Matt Fan says:

    There will be season 5 and contract for 6

  7. casey says:

    isn’t there a second set of episodes for season 4 coming up in a few weeks/months? i thought there were 16 episodes with a break in between them.

  8. Isabel says:

    Great pics as usual! Thank you. Please don’t apologize!

  9. casey says:

    thanks for the top lok. the only mention i find of SS76 is in the liv tyler article – have you seen it confirmed somewhere? sounds interesting. thanks for the caps! matt’s gorgeous!

  10. casey says:

    i just wanted to add this link to a very long treat williams article in which he speaks about matt very highly. the part in question is quite a ways down…