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Added “White Collar” Episode 4×9 captures

I added 386 captures from this week’s episode.

PS: Have you submitted your photo for the Matt Bomer Birthday Project 2012? The deadline is October 1st!

Date: September 14th, 2012
Author: Kelly

17 Responses
Posted by Matt Fan

One of the best episodes of any season. Boxing scene was amazing, Matt nailed it.

Posted by fan62

@ Matt Fan…I agree! the few last minutes of the espisode were particularly intense! matt was top notch…

Posted by casey

another agreement – amazing job by matt, in the ring, on the street and at sam’s house. and the boxing practice scene was adorable for all four of the guys. i wish the emmys would pay attention.

Posted by casey

thank you so much for the great screen caps.

Posted by Isabel

Thank you so much for the pictures! They were amazing as usual! It is such a pleasure to see this talented actor!

Posted by Vote for Matt


Posted by CAROLYN

Amazing episode. Boxing scene excellent.
Does anyone know if theres a break now in the series?
Need to know so I can plan my life.

Posted by Matt Fan

Matt signed for new movie begins production Oct 27 – a Winter’s Tale all star cast.

Posted by fan62

and it looks like “the normal heart” has been postponed…the shooting was supposed to begin this summer,no?

Posted by Sab

Here’s the Deadline piece on Matt’s new role:


I think TNH was supposed to shoot this autumn originally, but I think it’s been pushed back to next spring for a while now, as Matt was talking this summer about doing YDLMY this autumn. But I guess that’s also been pushed so he has time to do this one during his WC hiatus somewhere. I’m glad he’s managing to get a range of roles to work on besides White Collar – so cool for his fans.

Posted by Sab

Hey Kelly – Is there some reason my comment above has been stuck in moderation for a couple of days now?

Posted by Kelly

@Sab No reason! Sorry about that. Just haven’t been online much the past few days. :)

Posted by Matt Fan

TNH had a rewrite, supposedly more powerful if you could imagine that.

Posted by Daniela

pics are beautiful: can I asks when you’ll post the screencaps of episode 10? thanks

Posted by Kelly

I’ll have them up my Friday. So sorry for the delay! Haven’t had much free time the past few weeks.

Posted by Daniela

@Kelly! thank you very much :-)

Posted by Isabel

I was just gonna ask about the captures for 4×10. But I just read your answer, thank you so much! If you ever need any help, let me know. Hugs! I love the comment from Carolyn that needs to know if there’s a break in order for her to plan her life! Beautiful, I can completely relate!