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I added 386 captures from this week’s episode.

PS: Have you submitted your photo for the Matt Bomer Birthday Project 2012? The deadline is October 1st!

17 Comments on “Added “White Collar” Episode 4×9 captures

  1. Sab

    Hey Kelly – Is there some reason my comment above has been stuck in moderation for a couple of days now?

  2. Kelly

    @Sab No reason! Sorry about that. Just haven’t been online much the past few days. :)

  3. Matt Fan

    TNH had a rewrite, supposedly more powerful if you could imagine that.

  4. Daniela

    pics are beautiful: can I asks when you’ll post the screencaps of episode 10? thanks

  5. Kelly

    I’ll have them up my Friday. So sorry for the delay! Haven’t had much free time the past few weeks.

  6. Daniela

    @Kelly! thank you very much :-)

  7. Isabel

    I was just gonna ask about the captures for 4×10. But I just read your answer, thank you so much! If you ever need any help, let me know. Hugs! I love the comment from Carolyn that needs to know if there’s a break in order for her to plan her life! Beautiful, I can completely relate!

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