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10. 06. 12
Posted by Kelly

8th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards

I added 115 fantastic photos of Matt and Simon at the 8th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards last night.

A huge thanks to my wonderful friend Crayen who sent me all the HQ photos!

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PS: More photos will be added within the next few days.

23 Comments on “8th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards

  1. vyoma

    hi kelly! i am from india i know you had posted about matt’s b’day video and it is way past the deadline but due to my exams i could not send the picture is there any way i could send it now? or is it too late?

  2. Kelly

    I’m sorry vyoma! Dann has already completed the video, so we can’t accept any more submissions. My apologies! :(

  3. SaphireDee

    Kelly, is there going to be a place like year’s before where those who did not get a chance to make signs can post their birthday wishes to Matt. It would be nice if all the other fans (other than the 100 or so who made signs) could wish him well. Thanks!

  4. Kelly

    SaphireDee: Yes, you will be able to post comments in the birthday post I will create like last year. Matt will get the direct link to the post where he can also see the comments. :)

  5. casey andrews

    thank you so much for posting these. matt & simon are such fantastic people and what a great looking couple they make.

    does anyone know if the beard is ‘just because’ or if it’s due to a particular role that happens to be filming right now?

    also does anyone know when filming for white collar will start again or has it already?

    one more… space station 76 is still not on imdb, nor is you dont’ love me yet… are they not confirmed?


  6. Sab

    Loving these photos of Matt and Simon. (And I saw that most of the White Collar cast went along to support them as well.) So many congratulations to both of them for the award, and for being such great role models. Much love and best wishes to the whole family.

  7. Christy

    Thanks for the pictures. I’ve been looking for a video. What’s up with the beard? Do you know if it is for a movie or TV role? (Not complaining! It looks good.)

  8. SaphireDee

    Thanks for letting us know about that Kelly. Will it be up just on the day of his birthday or a few days before like the last time?

  9. Kelly

    I might hide the birthday post from the main page and put it up a few days later so everyone can comment ahead of time.

  10. Matt Fan

    Beard is for Space Station & YDLMY

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