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I added 115 fantastic photos of Matt and Simon at the 8th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards last night.

A huge thanks to my wonderful friend Crayen who sent me all the HQ photos!

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PS: More photos will be added within the next few days.

23 Comments on “8th Annual GLSEN Respect Awards

  1. Sab

    @casey: I just picked up the info from all over. Patrick Wilson and a couple of other actors tweeted about their involvement and working with Matt, and the director’s background is on IMDb.

  2. Miky

    Ok. This man drive me crazy.
    I don’t know why but he looks better every time.
    I love Matt with beard, it takes my breath. Those blue eyes and that smile behind that beard… i haven’t enough words. It’s like to be warm and safe.
    It’s seems like a vision. A wonderfull and amazing vision.
    I dream someday to look right in those eyes and tell him “Thanks to be exactly who you are.”

  3. casey andrews

    have i missed where the birthday post is located? also, how late will it be up? thanks for all you’re doing!

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