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Added “White Collar” Episode 4×10 captures

I finally added 342 captures from the “White Collar” summer finale. My apologies for the delay!

PS: I’ll be working on the video clips section during the hiatus.

Date: October 6th, 2012
Author: Kelly

5 Responses
Posted by Isa Luna

Thank you so much!!

Posted by nooor

great always great love him

Posted by casey andrews

thank you!

Question: you know that pic of matt they used for that faux 50 shades of grey entertainmet tonight mag cover? it’s a shot of him straight on, very slick in a suit. is that shot on here somewhere and if so, what section? i’ve been searching.

Posted by fan62

@ casey…professionnal > miscellaneous > unfiled photos (page 2)

Posted by casey andrews

thank you SO much!