Added 2011 TV Guide photoshoot

I added 2 photos of Matt and Tim from their TV Guide photoshoot last year.

Thanks to my friend Carol from Sebastian Stan Fan for sending them to me!

PS: I’m pretty sure they weren’t already in the gallery, unless I completely missed them.

4 Comments to “Added 2011 TV Guide photoshoot”

  1. Xini says:

    Could you please make a post about the People’s Choice Awards 2013, so that more people will vote?

    Favorite Cable TV Drama: White Collar

    Favorite Dramatic Movie: Magic Mike

    Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: Matt Bomer (use the write in option!)

  2. italy says:

    In “Space Station 76″ , Matt is Ted

    ” Bomer is a technician with a robotic hand who is married to a manipulative woman (Coughlan).”

  3. italy says:

    For MISTY, a thirty year-old sexpot housewife, one of the benefits of living on the Omega 76 Space Station is getting to spend time with DR.BOT, a valium-prescribing therapist droid. This frustrates her technician husband, TED, who desperately wishes they could go back to the time when she was in love with him, and fully engaged with the raising of their daughter, SUNSHINE. Although only seven years old, Sunshine’s been left to fend for herself on the ship, as Ted and Misty are constantly occupied with their mundane jobs and pursuits of self-fulfillment. . . . The only people not at odds with each other are Jessica and Ted: two lonely souls whose friendship moves quickly past the friend zone. When it becomes obvious that her neglected husband also prefers Jessica over her, Misty takes aim.