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You can nominate “White Collar” for Favorite Cable TV Drama, “Magic Mike” for Favorite Dramatic Movie, and Matt Bomer for your Favorite Dramatic TV Actor at the People’s Choice Awards 2013! Please nominate as often as possible as the top five of each category will be officially nominated for the award. Thanks Xini for letting me know about it!

Favorite Cable TV Drama: WHITE COLLAR
Favorite Dramatic Movie: MAGIC MIKE
Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: MATT BOMER (use the write in option!)

21 Comments on “Please Nominate! People’s Choice Awards 2013

  1. Raina Sauce

    How can I vote. Im outside US :-(

  2. Kelly

    Sorry about that! Didn’t realize it was blocked for those outside the US. :(

  3. italy

    I vote from Italy

  4. nn

    I can vote. I’m from Slovenia

  5. Safira

    I voted from Spain.

  6. Safira

    Hoy many times can we vote for Matt? (Sorry for my English, I hope you can understand me).

  7. italy

    Vote daily until 15 november

  8. Angie

    How many times a day can I vote? Or is it only once a day?

  9. italy

    Matt on set “Space Station 76”

  10. Daniela

    I voted a couple of days ago, and it didn’t give me problem because I’m from italy, it didn’t even asked me. I vote for all 3, Matt, White Collar and Magic Mike, hope they’ll win

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