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Please Nominate! People’s Choice Awards 2013

You can nominate “White Collar” for Favorite Cable TV Drama, “Magic Mike” for Favorite Dramatic Movie, and Matt Bomer for your Favorite Dramatic TV Actor at the People’s Choice Awards 2013! Please nominate as often as possible as the top five of each category will be officially nominated for the award. Thanks Xini for letting me know about it!

Favorite Cable TV Drama: WHITE COLLAR
Favorite Dramatic Movie: MAGIC MIKE
Favorite Dramatic TV Actor: MATT BOMER (use the write in option!)

File: News
Date: October 27th, 2012
Author: Kelly

21 Responses
Posted by Raina Sauce

How can I vote. Im outside US :-(

Posted by Kelly

Sorry about that! Didn’t realize it was blocked for those outside the US. :(

Posted by italy

I vote from Italy

Posted by nn

I can vote. I’m from Slovenia

Posted by Safira

I voted from Spain.

Posted by Safira

Hoy many times can we vote for Matt? (Sorry for my English, I hope you can understand me).

Posted by italy

Vote daily until 15 november

Posted by Angie

How many times a day can I vote? Or is it only once a day?

Posted by italy

Matt on set “Space Station 76″


Posted by Daniela

I voted a couple of days ago, and it didn’t give me problem because I’m from italy, it didn’t even asked me. I vote for all 3, Matt, White Collar and Magic Mike, hope they’ll win

Posted by Karina

You can also add Collars as best TV fan following :-D

Posted by casey

for those who can’t vote… i couldn’t vote for matt (but could for WC & MM) on IE but can on firefox – maybe that will help. i’ve voted several times in a row, same day.

Posted by Esméralda

I want to vote but I don’t know how I can.
I vote from France

Posted by Esméralda

Ok, I do.
Thank you for the information.
I love your fan website
I love Matt Bomer

Posted by Jam

Is it possible to vote outside US? :(

Posted by fan62

no problem to vote from france…

Posted by Daniela

You just go on the link that Kelly posted, click on “vote now” and just follow the instruction. you can vote for all the category or choose the one you want on the menu at the bottom: if you want to vote for someone or something not in the list proposed (as for Matt) you just click on “other” and type the name. to be sure it took your votes, at the end click on the last category: when it will say “thansk for vote” (or something like that), it means it accepted them.
it’s simple, just try! hope this helps

Posted by Xini

Nice that you posted about it Kelly! Thanks! :-)

You can vote as often as you want. If you have time several hundreds times. ;-)

Just follow the three links, check the box next to White Collar and Magic Mike and “Other” (write in Matt Bomer’s name) and click on “Cast Your Votes” each time. Then your votes are already counted.

It doesn’t matter where you live. You also doesn’t have to register/log in on the site.

Posted by Zafirah Dutczak

Done ?

Posted by Lucy

I vote from Costa Rica and I didn´t have any problem

Posted by Lorena Nelson

was just wanting to write and say that over the years I have enjoyed your acting and just cant wait for more, you are so multitalened and just enjoy watching you. I really wish that I could have someone like you as my bff because I just think it would be great to have you as one. Just keep on doing like you are and things will be great for you and your children cause i can imagine that you are a great father. well if your ever down this way in va I would love to meet you personaly like I said before I would love for you to be my bff, but of course I know you will never read this personally and it won’t matter what I say I just think that you are cool and keep up the good work.

Lorena Nelson