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“The Heiress” Broadway Revival Opening Night

I added photos of Matt at “The Heiress” Broadway Revival Opening Night in NYC tonight.

A huge thanks to my friends Crayen who donated 11 HQ photos and Mary who donated 20 photos!

PS: I would also like to thank Annette M. for donating $20.00 to the site!

File: Gallery
Date: November 1st, 2012
Author: Kelly

7 Responses
Posted by Melissa

Thanks for lovely the pics, Kelly.

Moisés Kaufman sort of reminds me of a younger Henry Kissinger in these photos. I hope one day Matt gets a chance to work with him. I used to do a fair bit of business travel to NYC and I would often extend my business trips over a weekend so I could catch a play and see the city. I was fortunate to see both ‘Gross Indecency’ (written by Kaufman) and ‘I Am My Own Wife’ (directed by Kaufman).

Posted by fan62

he likes that suit very much!… :-) (he’s worn it for many occasions).
does he keep his beard grown for “winter’s tale” ?

Posted by Sab

@fan62 – Yes, the beard is for “Winter’s Tale.” This is the bushiest I’ve ever seen it! LOL

Posted by Mary

I finally watched ” The New Normal”, I like it!

Posted by italy

Matt is in Episode 1×12 (The New Normal). Episode 12 which airs in Janury.
Ryan Murphy tweet


Posted by Kelly

Thanks italy!

Posted by Rene Van Hout

I hope it doesn’t air at the same time as White Collar! DVR to the rescue :o)