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I added 15 photos of Matt on the “Winter’s Tale” set in New York City today.

22 Comments on “Added “Winter’s Tale” set photos

  1. Annie

    He’s using dark contacts!

  2. Michelle

    Thanks for posting! Is he wearing colored contacts?

  3. Kelly

    Yes, I’m not digging the brown contacts. His eyes are too gorgeous to hide. :)

  4. Matt Fan

    Hard to ever imagine him not looking great, hasn’t happened yet.

  5. Mary

    Love the brown eyes but the blue are better. The pages of the book say his character has blue eyes so why the contacts?

  6. SaphireDee

    Hard to get used to the brown contacts when his piercing blue eyes are his trademark :( Wonder why the change since the character in the book is described as follows “and eyes as blue as the as the wet blue cups in a palett of watercolors”.

  7. Loo

    They maybe put him contacts to make him look like Colin (who has brown eyes and plays his son)

  8. aundrea

    Wow what a shock him having brown eyes. Probably did it because Collin’s eyes are brown. Matt is still good looking as ever, love when he smiles.

  9. fan62

    @ SaphirDee…but he plays the role of colin farrell’s character’s father in the movie,and colin farrell has dark eyes. seeing that lucy griffiths (farrell’s mother in the movie) has light eyes like matt,one of the two “parents” has to have dark eyes…

  10. Sab

    Gotta agree that the dark contacts aren’t working. Strange choice by the director, particularly given the character description from the book that others have already posted. When I read that, I thought Matt’s fitting the book description so perfectly would have been one of the reasons he’d been cast. Anyway, I’ll be happy if this is the one and only time I see Matt wearing dark contacts.

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