Added “Magic Mike” captures

I finally added captures from the film, as well as the behind the scenes feature.

PS: So sorry for the delay! Captures from Matt’s extended dance scene will be added soon.

12 Comments to “Added “Magic Mike” captures”

  1. italy says:

    Thanks <3

  2. Diane says:

    WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 needed the pics in a lousy day at work ha ha
    Thanks a lot (from Malta)

  3. Daniela says:

    Thanks so much, I was waiting for them

  4. casey says:

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Casey says:

    does anyone know how to get to the extras where i can see matt’s full strip scene? there’s only one of him, right? i purchased this movie in amazon instant video and the extras aren’t included. then i rented it from redbox with the same results. i really don’t want to purchase the dvd when i’ve already paid amazon. any info? thanks

  6. Amanda says:

    Wow hot and sexy ty for putting it on here lots of love and hugs <3 <3 amazing <3

  7. prada says:

    well casey the thing is that the extras are for the bluray version only. 🙂 but i’m sure that sonner than later we will get them!

  8. Daniela says:

    only for blue-ray? it’s not right!!

  9. Casey says:

    thanks prada and wow – are you serious? what a crappy thing to do to the fans. sorry if my language offended anyone. that’s not right.

  10. Becky Liu says:

    I’ve heard that Magic Mike will have 2 next year. Is that true?

  11. Daniela says:

    I read about a sequel, too