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Matt Bomer has been online for 3 years today! I would like to thank everyone for all your continued support, Crayen for contributing so many photos to the gallery, and Matt for inspiring me to create in the first place. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come since 2009, and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it!

38 Comments on “Happy Birthday Matt Bomer!

  1. Rosary Christina

    Happy Birthday! thank you for all the update news, update picture and everything about Matthew Bomer. i really really really appreciate that you spend your time to do so.
    oohhh how i love Matt Bomer :)

  2. Danica

    Happy Anniversary!!! you’ve made our life sooo much happier because of this wonderful website! thanks so much! and congrats again! :)

  3. [prada]

    Happy bday thanks u so much for all this years of information on Matt and his projects!!! now let’s cheer for one more! hugs and kisses for u kelly!

  4. italy

    Happy Bday 😀

  5. Raquel

    Happy birthday!! 😀 Thank you so much for this amazing site!

  6. Nikki

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for creating it and all the time and effort ovr the last 3 years

  7. Sharon

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! I just love this site. I live in the UK and it keeps me up to date with all the projects Matt is working on and I look forward to the new clips and photos that you post. 😀

  8. casey

    thank YOU, for all you’ve done for all of us matt fans.

    happy birthday!

  9. Matt Fan

    Amazing site Kelly! Thanks for all of your hard work.

  10. Miky

    Thanks a lot to YOU! For all you’ve done for us!

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