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Gallery Update

I added 2 scans from People Magazine and a photo of Matt from one of his photoshoots. Thanks Brianne for donating the People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive scan, and Joseph for sending me the last photo as well!

File: Gallery
Date: December 4th, 2012
Author: Kelly

6 Responses
Posted by Matt Fan

Just beautiful photo shoot pic. Natural beauty.

Posted by Leslie

This man could not be anymore perfect!

Posted by jeannine

me and my friends from holland, loves matt, he is the perfect christian grey.
love and kisses from the netherlands

Posted by Sharon M.

Lovely photo shoot pic thanks for sharing.

Posted by Daniela

sorry if I ask this here, but I need an info: I saw ep 12 of “the new normal” thinking there was Matt in it, but no track of him. so I looked on wikipedia and discovered that 1 ep was cancelled and the one I saw was actually the ep 11 (I read the plot and it was the same). so could you confirm that the ep with Matt is next tuesday, the 11th? thanks

Posted by italy

Tuesday, January 8 9:30/8:30c
“The Goldie Rush”

David and Bryan decide they ultimately want Goldie to be their surrogate again, but Bryan’s ex-boyfriend throws a wrench in their plans. Matt Bomer guest stars!

Matt will be Monty (no Drew- Murfy renamed)