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“White Collar” returns Tuesday, January 22nd at 10/9c on USA Network!

6 Comments on ““White Collar” Season 4 – Music Video

  1. Katrina

    Oh, I can’t wait!!! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Melissa G.

    Is it Jan 22nd yet? :) Look like we are in for great second half.

  3. monique

    oehhhhh I want it on dvd…
    I only have the seasons 1 and 2 on dvd,can’t wait for the next seasons to come out on dvd…..
    In the Netherlands they are not yet available…..
    Can’t wait….

  4. Ann-Marie L

    Yay only 37 more days till the start of the second half of season 4. Can’t wait. It looks awesome. The way Neal dipped Sara for a kiss….can’t wait to see their relationship bloom!!

  5. italy

    Matt Bomer, from the show @WhiteCollarUSA, was just added to the A&LL Texas Bound lineup for February 11.

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