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By Kelly Jan 04, 2013 Gallery,White Collar 11 comment

I added 19 stills from “White Collar” Episode 4×11, which will air on January 22nd.

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11 Responses to “Added “White Collar” Episode 4×11 stills”
  1. italy Says:

    Thanks :D
    Do you know Matt is LIVE with Kelly on 17 jan?

  2. italy Says:

    ops is written :D

  3. Kelly Says:

    I added it to the sidebar yesterday. Will post it in main update once the date is a little closer. :)

  4. monique Says:

    heej italy,can you give me a link after 17 jan? then I can watch it too,or can you tell me where to find it…I really like to see it! thanks and greetz from holland!

  5. italy Says:

    I’ll try a link to the direct
    But I hope kelly places the post live video :)

  6. Kelly Says:

    I will be adding a video clip later that day.

  7. Vote for Matt Says:


  8. carol Says:

    i love the white collar pics matt is simply gorgeous i really hope he plays christian grey in the fifty shades movie <3

  9. Daniela Says:

    Thanks for pics and video. I don’t really care, actually, if Matt will play in “shades of grey” after all that has been said. don’t think he needs to do that type of movie to have success…

  10. nimah Says:

    I love d way matt does evritin in white collar….hope he plays in fifty shades of grey as christian…would be a thrill for me xoxo

  11. Carolyn Coombe Says:

    Cannot wait for White Collar to start again. Thanks Kelly for all
    the latest on Matt. Nice to know that he is involved in so many
    projects. Wont be able to see them in South Africa, ( I don’t think) what a pity. But White Collar keeps me going!