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I added 186 captures of Matt’s fantastic appearance on “The New Normal” tonight.

PS: Matt will be appearing at the People’s Choice Awards 2013 tomorrow!
There is also a live stream for the red carpet, which begins at 8 PM (EST).

10 Comments on “Added “The New Normal” Episode 1×12 captures

  1. monique

    Always a pleasure to look at this man!!!
    Thanks a lot for posting!
    Greetz from Holland

  2. SARA

    I love that man! Thanks for putting pictures and information! A KISS FROM SPAIN!

  3. mattybfan

    He was awesome. Hard to believe the same guy plays Neal Caffrey in White Collar! Goes to show what a good artist he is. Now, enough of special appearances on TV, we want to see you on the big screen Matt.

  4. Rosario

    He’s such a great actor. Love to see him in comedy….and drama……and romance…..and action…..the list goes on and on

  5. Christy

    I hope somebody got a good recording of Matt’s red carpet interview. The streaming was breaking up on me. Thought he stole the show on the New Normal.

  6. Daniela

    Thanks for the pics! I saw the episode, I don’t like the series very much but Matt was wonderful.
    I’d like to read his comment about it, don’t think I ever found an interview on TNN

  7. Mary

    There is no end to how wonderful itis to look at this lovely man!

  8. Daniela

    just a couriosity: why TNN has been cancelled from the side bar of Matt’s project?

  9. Kelly

    Daniela: I remove guest roles from the sidebar as soon as they have aired.

  10. Daniela

    @kelly: thanks for the answer.
    Ps: I love this site

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