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Dom Perignon and W Magazine’s celebration of The Golden Globes

I added 4 photos of Matt at the event last night.

Thanks to my friend Claudia for donating 3 photos!

Reminder: Matt will be appearing on Live! with Kelly and Michael on January 17th.

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Date: January 12th, 2013
Author: Kelly

8 Responses
Posted by Casey

wow he’s busy the past days. is his hair shorter? it looked longer in the one where he was presenting with that girl.

thanks for the pics

Posted by carol nipperess

he is so handsome in his suit just love him <3

Posted by monique

oh what a handsome man he is….
I think this is the perfect look for CG!!!
But no matter what his hair or his clothes look like…he ‘s always a pleasure to look at..
Greetz from holland!

Posted by gowhitecollar

Looking sharp as always. Is he really over 30?
Does anyone know if he will be at the golden globes on sunday?

Posted by Mandy

I agree with every word u say there Monique!

He aim to please,hehe!

Posted by Patrice

Love that he is wearing his wedding band. When will the rest of the U.S. get with the program and give everyone the right to marry? He is such a great role model. And a tease for us straight women. hahaha

Posted by Daniela

I found his hair a little strange, too, and no beard…
always beautiful, in any case

Posted by Carol nipperess

Matt bomer is perfection <3