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Matt Bomer on Live! With Kelly and Michael

Here is a video of Matt on Live with Kelly and Michael today.

Thanks to Jessica for donating the captures and Becca for sending them to me!

Check out these 2 videos from backstage as well.

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And lastly, here are some photos of Matt from today.


Date: January 17th, 2013
Author: Kelly

8 Responses
Posted by whitney devlin

This was a great show, especially for me since I am the woman in the first row that he stopped to kiss! I was a unexpected and thrilling!

Posted by Kelly

Congrats Whitney! I bet that made your day. :)

Posted by bamba

Wow, Whitney! You are SO lucky!!!

Posted by Sab

Thanks for a great post, Kelly.

Posted by Crystal-Jane

Whitney! I’m so jealous of you!!!!
I melted watching it, can’t imagine how you felt!

Posted by JP

Thanks so much for posting the video!

Posted by Daniela

thanks for the video and pics.
I’m sooo jealous, too!!

Posted by Vote for Matt