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01. 23. 13
Posted by Kelly

Matt Bomer on E! News

Matt was featured on E! News yesterday to promote The Caffrey Collection on Gilt.

Thanks to ilabach for the video!

10 Comments on “Matt Bomer on E! News

  1. monique

    Always a joy to watch this man…
    thanks so much!!!

  2. Patricia

    Her smile is amazing……I love seeing their characters …. is really a man that I never tire of seeing

  3. Katrina

    Thanks for posting this! I missed it last night. I love his laugh/smile. So sweet and sexy.

  4. Mattfan

    Admirable that Matt is partnering with Gilt to help such a worthy cause, and I wish more ‘stars’ would consider his example. As for the shallow end of it, how amazing is that smile at the end of the clip? And: am I the only one who loves seeing someone run their fingers through that gorgeous head of hair? Look how great that hair moves…LOL, sorry. Gushing over.

  5. Daniela

    nice video

  6. diane

    best looking guy on tv

  7. Angie

    oh my… I love him so much <3

  8. Very

    é semplicemente l’uomo più bello sulla terra…..straordinario!!!

  9. Carolyn Coombe

    Wow. What a smile. Melts me everytime. Cannot get enough
    of Matt.

  10. antonella

    i love this man…… i hope to see Matt in Italy in the next future ….

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