• monique

    oh and what a beautiful and handsome man he is….
    always a little twinkle in his eyes…
    thanks for posting!
    greetings from the Netherlands

  • Angela

    Mmmm. Hair porn…..

  • Angie

    Matt is EVERYWHERE these days. I’m loving it!!!! Can’t get enough of this beautiful man :))))

  • Casey

    beautiful. i love how humble he is yet he does what he knows has to be done, stepping down a ways and posing again,not rushing.

    he looks young for his years all the time, but in these photos he looks exceptionally young. is it just me?

  • Wow yeah I was gonna say the same thing. He does look younger here. I think it’s because of the new haircut.
    Greetings from Indonesia. Love your site! 🙂

  • Matt Fan

    No one like him!

  • Sab

    @ Casey – I think Matt looks a bit younger when he’s clean shaved, as his scruff/beard is a bit ‘salt and pepper’. He always looks beautiful, of course, and never more so than here. Everything about this appearance is perfection.

  • antonella

    I’ m an italian fan , i love him he is a very handsome man ….1d like to see Matt in fifty shades ……i hope!!!!!!!!

  • Carolyn Coombe

    Wow! Beautiful as ever. Can never get enough.

  • Suzanne

    Haven’t posted for a long time. I am always awed by his looks and personality. He sets a good example too.
    Does anyone know if the show, White Collar has been renewed? I sort of think he wants to do more movies now but I am hoping it continues. Thanks to anyone who has a clue on this.

  • Christy

    White Collar has been picked up for a 5th season. Viewers were low for midseason start so I worry Season 5 may be the last. Matt is always the most beautiful and talented guy around, but I’m thinking he is looking a little thin in the latest photos.

  • Nastja

    @Suzanne Yes, WC has been renewed for the fifth season =)

  • Angie

    I have to agree with Christy… WC might be renewed for a 5th season, but the mid-season premiere had only about 2.7 million viewers, and before that it was 3+, sometimes even 4+, so I was really shocked to see that! Jeff King said that Matt’s contract says he’s committed to do 7 seasons, and Tim would be up for even more, which sounds amazing, I just hope that people continue to watch it !!!!!!!
    But I also wold love for Matt to get some leading roles in some movies, because he’s really talented and great and he deserves more!!!

  • Matt Fan

    WC still has very good numbers (.9) in the demographic that advertisers and networks care: 18-49. I agree that more people should be watching but ratings are good.

  • Suzanne

    thanks for the reply and info on White Collar. I would not watch the show without him in it as he really is the show in my mind. He could not be replaced with someone else in his role.

  • I think he looks perfect as always & he does look younger i hope there is a good reason for it my fingers are always crossed hoping he will play christian grey <3

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  • Casey

    @SAB – thanks for the reply. i agree that he usually looks younger when he’s clean shaven, but this time i think it’s also the hair – it looks like he’s stacked it higher on top and has the sides cut shorter than usual maybe.

    as we all agree, he’s gorgeous no matter what, but i have to admit that i wish he’d let his hair loose once in a while, and let it grow a bit mayeb, not so perfect. i loved it in Chuck the best.

  • Angie

    I loved him at the Magic Mike premiere A LOT! And when he’s clean shaved, he looks at least 5 years younger!!! Totally Christian Grey 😉 but I support him whatever he decides <3