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I added photos of Matt at the 24th Annual Producers Guild Awards tonight.

PS: Thanks to my friends DeAdele, Claudia, Nicole, and Crayen for donating photos!

19 Comments on “Matt Bomer attends 24th Annual Producers Guild Awards

  1. monique

    oh and what a beautiful and handsome man he is….
    always a little twinkle in his eyes…
    thanks for posting!
    greetings from the Netherlands

  2. Angela

    Mmmm. Hair porn…..

  3. Angie

    Matt is EVERYWHERE these days. I’m loving it!!!! Can’t get enough of this beautiful man :))))

  4. Casey

    beautiful. i love how humble he is yet he does what he knows has to be done, stepping down a ways and posing again,not rushing.

    he looks young for his years all the time, but in these photos he looks exceptionally young. is it just me?

  5. primarita

    Wow yeah I was gonna say the same thing. He does look younger here. I think it’s because of the new haircut.
    Greetings from Indonesia. Love your site! :)

  6. Matt Fan

    No one like him!

  7. Sab

    @ Casey – I think Matt looks a bit younger when he’s clean shaved, as his scruff/beard is a bit ‘salt and pepper’. He always looks beautiful, of course, and never more so than here. Everything about this appearance is perfection.

  8. antonella

    I’ m an italian fan , i love him he is a very handsome man ….1d like to see Matt in fifty shades ……i hope!!!!!!!!

  9. Carolyn Coombe

    Wow! Beautiful as ever. Can never get enough.

  10. Suzanne

    Haven’t posted for a long time. I am always awed by his looks and personality. He sets a good example too.
    Does anyone know if the show, White Collar has been renewed? I sort of think he wants to do more movies now but I am hoping it continues. Thanks to anyone who has a clue on this.

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