Matt Bomer attends DIRECTV Super Saturday Night

I added photos of Matt at DIRECTV Super Saturday Night featuring Justin Timberlake.

PS: Thanks to my friend Crayen for donating 11 HQ photos from yesterday’s events!

Important Update: Matt will not be participating in the Texas Bound lineup on February 11th, due to a last minute conflict. They are currently looking for a replacement. I’m very sorry for those planning to attend just for Matt! – Source

7 Comments to “Matt Bomer attends DIRECTV Super Saturday Night”

  1. nick says:

    Does he really exist?

  2. He is the most gorgeous man on the planet, love you Matt Bomer <3

  3. diane says:

    He is Christian Grey he has the body, looks, everything it takes to be him. Love you Matt

  4. antonella says:

    i agree with you Diane, he is a very handsome man……we love this man!!!!!!!!!! anyway and anyday!!!!!!!!!!!
    ONLY MATT for CG

  5. Daniela says:

    They don’t say what kind of conflict there is…

  6. Kim says:

    Figures-non refundable too
    What a disappointment

  7. Diana says:

    That is seriously the saddest thing I have ever read ): My whole day will just be sad now ):