Matt Bomer attends Book Launch Party for Celebrity Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder

I added photos of Matt from yesterday at the Book Launch Party for Celebrity Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder.

Update! Thanks to my friends Mary and Crayen, I have added a lot more photos!

PS: A wonderful thanks to Annette M. for donating $25.00, Shirley B. for donating $20.00, and Helen F. for donating $25.00 to the site! I really appreciate all your support.

  • xxx

    Matt Bomer signing autographs and taking pictures with fans

  • Casey

    gorgeous – thanks for sharing. matt always looks so young, but when he’s clean-shaven he looks downright teenagish. sweet. 🙂

  • Matt Fan

    Looks 25 without scruff

  • thanks for both the video and pics: Simon seems more a bodyguard than his partner, here.. 🙂

  • Hilda

    He looks só damn HOT!!!!! Perfect for the role of Christian Grey!!!!
    SO EL JAMES STOP YOUR SEARCH,THÍS IS THE ONE AND ONLY RIGHT CHOICE!!! Matt = CG. !!!! Love him,no matter what!!! <3

  • No, please, stop to ask that Matt will play that role! I’d rather to see him in more serious roles than a porn movie

  • antonella

    DEAR DANIELA, we want to see him in a seriouS role !!!!! Cristian Grey is a serious role !!!!!! have you read the book? it’s an intense love stoy, IT IS NOT ONLY SEX !!!!!!! MATT IS PERFECT FOR THIS ROLE !!!!!

  • Nathalie from France