Superman: Unbound interview and sneak peek

Check out a new interview featuring Matt, as well as another sneak peek below.


5 Comments to “Superman: Unbound interview and sneak peek”

  1. @VekkaVelarde says:

    His voice is sooo perfect I have always loved Superman but with Matthew doing the Clark Kent /Superman voice it’s just as exiting as almost the first movie impersonate by Christopher Reeve!

  2. Namrata D says:

    matt sounds so different in the superman form.i cant recognise his voice.I hope he gets more voice acting work in the future!!

  3. ValerieBomer says:

    I cannot wait to see the movie! Matt doing Superman’s voice is just exciting! Love you Matt ?

  4. regina says:

    I will be the first one to enjoy this movie. But he will make White Collar season 5?

  5. antonella says:

    wow Matt has a sexy voice … and he could be perfect for the role of CRISTIAN GREY IN 50 SHADES …. I’M A BOMERBABE , I LOVE THIS MAN AND I ‘D LIKE TO SEE HIM IN ITALY …. CAME HERE MATT ….. 😉